Mod-Fiction-hoaxSo Mod Fiction is billed as an Alternative Rock band from Upstate New York and I had the thought they were fuzzed out rock, who knows maybe it’s the same thing. So why not give it a go, always have to try broaden your musical taste, just this morning I was listening to awesome post-rock by a band called Degree of Arc. Lets see how this goes…….

First off it was surprisingly good, even though it is a departure from what I typically play for music. ‘Quite Stalling’ is in fact a catchy fuzzed out rock tune. Band is tight, vocals are well delivered, extremely well in fact. Beat is contagious as hell in short a hugely fun tight as hell fuzzed out rock song!

‘Losing Interest’ and ‘Silence in Stereo’ certainly do bend towards the more indie side of things on the spectrum. Still good tunes, music is well crafted with good production value. Given my personal tastes, the opener really gets the blood pumping and these slow things down a bit, although there are uptempo portions, the overall mood is not as heavy.’Is This Morning’ is the surprise of the EP though, a nice post-rock track. Mood is ethereal and the title certainly captures it as well. In the headphones it really does give that feeling of early morning. This has some interesting vocal samples through the track that really let you get into a thinking and pondering state. Overall an insightful and meditative post-rock experience.

If you have never heard of Mod Fiction, give this one a try you may get silently addicted. This is certainly one band to catch live while hoisting a few pints and have a great time doing it. Good production value, musically tight, infectious hooks and grooves, so it may not be metal but it certainly is great fun! Well done Mod Fiction, you certainly grooved this die hard metal head!

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