master - the witchhuntIt’s that time again folks, I get to review a death metal record. Seeing as I have strayed from the path of the so-called “true metal” and other such hogwash, it’s good to see there are still bands that keep old school death metal alive. None of the technical death metal rubbish that the kids are getting into these days. So who better to remedy my obsession with slow, heavy riffs and hymns of death than the almighty Master.

Legendary death metallers Master, originally from Chicago, Illinois who later relocated to the Czech Republic are set to release their 12th full-length record titled ‘The Witchhunt’. Its predecessor ‘The New Elite‘ blew us away no more than a year ago with heavy, uncompromising riffs and a good mixture of speed and slower, heavier riffs one could really bang your head to.

Well, ‘The Witchhunt’ does not disappoint, as the style of death metal is still very much the same perfected formula they’ve been using to release quality records. It has speed, heavy riffs, solos and just all-round menacing atmosphere to it. The lyrics as one would expect involves death, politics and religious themes. The record is  full tilt from the very start, which gives it that bonafide old school seal of approval that is lacking in the modern death metal releases.
The only negative aspect of the record is that if you’re not into this style of death metal, it might be a bit flat and boring. It’s a very raw record. I personally think it’s absolutely fantastic! It’s raw, uncompromising, old school death metal that crushes skulls into dust.

Are you fed up with shitty fretboard wanking death metal and looking for a swift kick in the teeth? Look no further than Master’s ‘The Witchhunt’. All and all a gritty, true-to-form death metal record and I would highly recommend it for fans of Morbid Angel, Cancer, Sinister, Autopsy, Grave and the like.

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