With the release of the first track off of the latest doom and gloom duo, Zolle, ThisIsNotAScene got the chance to catch up with these country boys and have a little chat.

Tell us a little bit about the formation of Zolle.

Marcello: We’re 2 “people”, Stefano on drums and Marcello on guitar. To be honest, we play together for a lifetime, years ago, when we were young (or less old) we were part of a band (called Klown, really really really underground band, no one care about them, damn it). Over the years we realized that we remained only in two (“hey Stefano! We are the other two guys?!?”), so for years we met in the rehearsal room just for jams (which was a great excuse to get drunk). We also found a new name, but it was so stupid that I will not ever reveal.

Stefano: UilliUolli!

M: Great Stefano, good way to start the interview!

Do you feel this is an extension of your current projects or something new and completely mind bending?

M: We have not given it much thought. Among our jams we said, “You know what we really sucks to jam! Why do not we try to make songs? “. And in two months, was born the first album of Zolle. What the hell?!?  We also have other bands (present, past and future, such MoRkObOt, Berlikete, Viscera///, KlownDeath Enemy, Cotenna), but maybe really different from Zolle.

S: …maybe…

M: Hey!

What’s with all the pigs and hoes, not in a Mary Magdalene sense but in a farm implement sense, in the video teaser?

M: We live in the countryside, there are hoes everywhere and is easy to trip over. And when you fell you come regularly attacked by a lot of evil pigs. Those who survive must contend with the tractors. It ‘a living hell.

S: But the border between heaven and hell is very thin.

M: So purgatory is a subtle thing?

What inspires you, politics, loss of the beauty of nature, human condition?

S: I am inspired simply my inner energy and the desire to continue to keep an interlude of adolescence in my life. I’m in charge of training and education, my thinking part, responsible, serious and philosophical expression is more in that area. For me, the rehearsal room, recording studio, or concerts are lightweight, regression, release (from what I have yet to find out …). And then inspires me Marcello. That’s way I play like shit!

M: …burp!

Musically who inspires you?

M: I do not understand your question, you mean someone other than Pantera? (cit.)

S: Giuseppe Verdi (cit.)

What was the recording process, pristine studio, barn out in the countryside, middle of a field that you just turned over for planting?

M: In principle, the days spent in the studio has been based from typical foods from our zone: the Lodi salami, coppa, Raspadüra, the gutturnio or S. Colombano wine, craft beer. For the next album we’ll take more vegetables from the garden of Stefano.

S: Marcello is right.

Did the mixing and mastering process give you a satisfied result or are there still things you would rather change?

M: With the story that this is our “first record” we can not even say it’s better than the last! (Damn!), however, is definitely worse than the next! (which incidentally we are already slowly starting to decompose).

S: Marcello is still right.

What are the touring plans for Zolle in 2013? Where do you want to go that you wont be able to get to?

M: The idea is to play in Italy during the spring and summer. We absolutely have to use all the available food festivals;) and in autumn we plan a bit of Europe, but at the moment, if you disclose too much information, someone will flay us like pigs!

S: It would be a shame! We already have two pieces for the hard of the future!

M: Stefano, maybe you’ve answered the wrong question!

Are you at all concerned with your sound translation into a live venue?

M: Apart from the heads stuck pig, the chicken legs that will launch from the stage, the red wine on people, nude dancing and fireworks, our concerts are the closest thing you will find in our record. Errors apart.

S: Marcello is right for the third consecutive time. Never happened!

S: That’s the good news, which increases the motivation to want to attend our show.

M: Ste, you mean our motivation?

Where do you think your music will be best experienced small venue, large venue, festival?

M: The most important thing is not the situation, but how the public will be drunk.

S: When I play I feel for people. So everything is worthy. I only have three special needs have the battery securely attached, nailed, motionless, eat healthy food, do not bullshit industry, the morning after the concert I want to be able to wash my hair.

Beer or Wine? Favorite?

M: Ste prefers wine, I prefer beers. To get along so we both decided to drink grappa.

S: Couples certain compromises are inevitable! But now that the summer is coming we will have to review the agreements. The grappa was the solution winter.

M: But I do not like cocktails.

Top 5 artists on your playlist today?

M: But didn’t I already tell about Pantera?

S: Today, no music. After three consecutive nights of rehearsal I want the silence of my fields.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to talk with us and we wish you all the best with your upcoming release.

M & S: alla salute! (glasses noise)

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