Manowar - Warriors of the World (10th Anniversary Remastered Edition) [Review]Manowar – A name that strikes both fear and joy into the hearts of so many. With just a thunderous chest beat to go before the release of The Lord of Steel Live album, they have dropped a familiar 11 songs about swords and warriors with big epic choruses and healthy contingent of strings. This is Thor-Metal.

This is the Warriors of the World 10th Anniversary Edition – Shinier, louder and metaller, possibly the boldest album any band has ever released (and that includes St Anger),has been remastered for your pleasure and with a cheeky live track tagged on the end for good measure it is set to pleasure old and new fans alike.

Opening with ‘Call to Arms’ the listener can’t deny who is on, that familiar Manowar sound making its way into your brain via a small broadsword. After that, the band start experimenting and showing what else they can do.

‘The Fight For Freedom’ is a rousing number that was clearly written knowing full well there will be hordes of bare chested men with one hand raised aloft and the other clutching a drinking horn while singing every word, followed by ‘Nessun Dorma’ – possibly one of the worlds’ most famous arias thanks to one Luciano Pavarotti – but wait, that’s not metal! No it’s fucking Manowar, no other band could pull that off. They’re probably not metal enough.

A slight musical interlude in the form of ‘Valhalla’ before returning to that audience singalong vibe for ‘Swords in the Wind’, closely followed by ‘An American Trilogy’ and if this isn’t a Manowar Christmas carol then I don’t know what is. Why aren’t you raising your drinking horn and weeping?

‘The March’ is an orchestral piece that has the band smugly saying, “so that’s what we’ve got, what about you?” before bringing us back down with some classic Manowar with ‘Warriors of the World United’, into ‘Hand of Doom’ and the double kick drum beast that is ‘House of Death’.

Sadly with ‘Fight Until We Die’ the album itself is over, apart from the newly added bonus track of a live rendition of ‘House of Death’, which although sounding just as good as the recorded version doesn’t seem like the best choice as we pretty much just heard it.

The album itself hasn’t aged a day and is just as relative as it was 10 years ago and is a must for die hard fans and anyone wanting to expand their collection be it specifically Manowar or just metal in general.

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