malevolence-reign-of-sufferingIndustry hype is a cruel mistress, it will both turn people onto your band and turn you into one of the biggest bands in the scene or it can have the opposite effect and pile on way too much pressure onto young bands shoulders crushing them before they had the chance to grow. The latest bands to receive this treatment are up and coming Metal band Malevolence, whose debut album “Reign of Suffering” is getting a serious amount of buzz from industry insiders and with them recently inking a deal with Siege of Amida it seems like these will be the next big break out band. Or will they?

Well sadly it seems the hype has had the opposite desired effect because “Reign of Suffering” isn’t a world beater at all. Does it scream of a band with a lot of potential? Hell yes! But this is certainly not as some publications are calling it “The best metal album of the year.”
What the album screams of is a band that has thousands of ideas and is brimming with excitement recording them all, most of these ideas are great, the drumming is tight and some of the guitar work is varied and exciting ranging from straight up thrashy Lamb of God inspired riffs to stonery almost Down inspired parts. But the fact that all these ideas are occurring within the same song and it comes across as being overcrowded and at times daunting as there is so much going on at once.

Rather than this album being a band ready to take on the world it is more an amalgamation of great ideas rather than them being the fully finished article. There is certainly potential there but at this moment they seem to be a band finding their feet in the UK metal scene. With maybe a bit more refinement and stream lining Malevolence could be the world beaters so many claim they are.

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