Mad Hatter 2.0 - DeconstructThere is no UK band out there at the moment that works harder than the guys in Mad Hatter 2.0. Since forming in 2010, they have toured relentlessly; released 2 incredible EP’s and are currently on the verge of releasing the mother of all groove metal album… This is “Deconstruct” and by the love of god does it sound insane!

Opening with the gritty thump of ‘Kiss the Curb’, followed by the hallowed anthem ‘Stomp’, Mad Hatter 2.0 take no prisoners in opening this album as brutally as possible, spewing forth riff after rip-roaring riff with the only intention of blowing the listeners mind in the process. For a band with only one guitarist, the tone and aggression coming from these songs is unbelievable, bordering on inhumane. It’s fair to say that without the mind-fuckingly awesome guitar parts; “Deconstruct” would not be the astonishing album that it is. That extra edge in the guitar parts is what is needed to make “Deconstruct” an album that is a cut above the rest.


“Deconstruct” is a product of the Pledge Music campaign, a fucktone of blood, sweat and tears and the outcome of 3 years of long, hard and gruelling work. Each and every member of this band is incredibly talented, bringing different ideas and concepts into the mix with the final product being the amazing “Deconstruct”. Tracks such as ‘The Cryst’, ‘Mind over Matter’ and the band’s latest single ‘Turmoil’ are all works of metal music genius that can be said to be some of the finest metal anthems of the year so far. They are fast, they are heavy and above all they are memorable. Mad Hatter 2.0 is a band that you can NEVER get sick of listening to and “Deconstruct” is a record that will be your stereo for years to come.

Marc Cleave is one of the most talented vocalists in the underground metal circuit. The pure aggression and razor sharp guttural edge to his voice is so amazing to listen to; with tracks such as ‘Deconstruct’ and ‘Defiance’ sounding like Satan himself has rose from the seventh circle of hell to sing on these tracks. Not only this, he has some insane pipes when it comes to clean vocals to, showing that metal singers aren’t all about just screaming down a microphone. There is actually an element of talent, emotion and beauty involved too. Did I mention he has sexy ass awesome dreadlocks too?

Even if you missed out on pledging for this amazing album, it is a must have in your collection. With not a dull track in sight and enough distortion and bass to bring down an entire city, “Deconstruct” could be one of the finest metal albums of 2013. So, Mad Hatter 2.0… When’s the next album out? Bloody soon I hope!

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