Love and Death - Between Here and Lost [Review]In 2005, guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch shocked the music world by quitting his then band Korn and becoming a born again Christian, denouncing his career up until that point. Three years passed on from that event and Head released his début album “Save Me From Myself” to a largely muted response from the world, while Korn carried on without him.

Fast forward to 2013 and Head has assembled himself a band, now using the moniker Love and Death and they have released their début in the form of “Between Here & Lost”.  First things that are noticeable are that it is a lot more clear and more focused than what was found on Head‘s previous solo effort, which seemed more about just getting out whatever he was feeling at the time.

“Between Here & Lost” is a much stronger prospect than many people thought they would get from the former guitarist of Korn, and it would certainly seem his love of heavy music hasn’t waned at all. We find his signature sound is there, but its a lot heavier than modern day Korn, with it come some Djent elements giving everything more of an overall crunch and driving guitar sound to it.

As a front man and lyricist Head has matured even more and, although the vocal effects become tedious and hard to take at times, it’s clear that he has taken great pride and time in learning how to carry the songs he has written. Head delivers a largely admirable job as a vocalist, mainly sticking to low tones and growls, but never going into full blown screaming territory.

The real stand out moment on the album for me though, as a matter of curiosity is the cover of Devo‘s ‘Whip It’. This one appears fairly early on and is so different from the original that it actually passed me by the first couple of times. It was only through research that I learned it was a cover, and given it’s an interesting choice of song that could have easily blown up in their faces. These guys have made it work with their own spin without detracting from the overall feel of the album.

Love and Death benefit from having a front man who is world worn with great experience in the field coupled with a few years to mellow out and settle into his new role. Although with an impending reunion run with Korn this summer leading to rumours that eventually Head will return to his former fold full time. One has to question what the future will hold for Love and Death. Until that point they can hold their heads up and revel in the fact that they have released an album of this quality first time out.

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