a loss for wordsIt’s been a very good year for pop punk, A Day to Remember have delivered one of the best albums of the year, Fall Out Boy have returned with two albums, one not so good and one being a straight up punk album, The Wonder Years have shown just how anthemic three chords and a whole bag of chorus can be and Paramore have delivered their best album to date.

With it being such a good year, a rising band such as A loss For Words could easily become lost in the mix, but luckily their new album “Before it Caves” is sure to make them stand out from the crowd.

The groups follow up to 2011’s “No Sanctuary” is a much more confident release from the Boston four piece, who have seemingly thrown off their early hardcore influences focusing almost exclusively on the glimmering pop punk elements of the band’s sound.

Album lays its cards on the table straight from the start with the brilliant opening two of ‘Distance’ and ‘Conquest of Mistake’ which tells you everything you need to know about the album, its melodically superior to anything the band has done before as well as being the tightest release in terms of song writing and arranging.

Unlike their previous efforts “Before it Caves” has managed to maintain a level of consistency all the way through which has been lacking on previous releases, there isn’t a bad song on the album from the huge sounding ‘Siesta Key’ to the anthemic and stadium ready ‘All This Time,’ which is the pinnacle of the album. It’s one of those tracks that if it was released by a more established band like You Me at Six or Paramore then you would not be able to move without hearing it everywhere.

“Before it Caves” will hopefully be the album that gets A Loss for Words some much needed attention. They have certainly proved that they are more than capable of delivering the tunes needed to take on the biggest bands the genre has to offer.

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