Lordi - To Beast Or Not To BeastLordi… The kings of Eurovision… The monsters under your bed… One of the gimpiest, yet most awesome metal bands in the world; are back with their 6th studio album, entitled “To Beast or Not to Beast”, containing some of their finest work to date. Chock full of rev saw riffs, spine chilling organ/keyboard lines and vocals that sound like the aftermath of giving Satan himself a blowjob. “To Beast or Not to Beast” is an album that will have you banging your head and chanting rowdily along to it from the moment the anthemic ‘We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)’ smashes in, to the eerier horror thwomp/epic drum solo of ‘SCG6 Otus Bucther Clinic’ fades out. With 11 new, all killer, no filler hard rock anthems under their jagged wings, Lordi are back and bigger than ever, proving to the world that they aren’t just Finland’s finest gimmick, but in fact one of the world’s greatest rock bands! ALL HAIL THE FREAKS!

2006’s epic release “The Arockalypse” was a turning point in Lordi’s musical career, establishing them all across the world due to their appearance and win on Eurovision. Since then they have progressed even further, releasing two mighty fine hard rock classics and now have just released “To Beast or Not to Beast” – perhaps their finest work to date; containing killer tracks such as ‘The Riff’ and ‘I Luv Ugly’ that are up there with previous monstrous hit singles ‘Hard Rock Halleluiah’ and ‘Would You Love a Monster Man’.

The line-up change from Otus (who sadly passed away) to Mana on drums and Awa to Hella on keyboard may discourage those hardcore fans from checking out this new record. However, these two new members bring a fresh new set of paint to the band, opting at points for a more slower, surreal and haunting sound that was only occasionally heard on previous records. If you listen to tracks like ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, ‘Horrification’ and ‘Schizo Doll’ the samples and keyboard lines are one of the most dominant features of them, shrouding these songs in a dark, gothic and brooding aura that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

One thing that Lordi never fail to do is to write a catchy set of songs; which is clearly evident in the track ‘Sincerely With Love’ which will have you singing “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE” over and over again. Every single track on “To Beast or Not to Beast” was clearly written with the god given intention of being performed live, containing insanely good chant along chorus, ravenous guitar licks and atmospheric keyboard hooks that will leave anyone who hears these amazing songs

Watch out Europe as the monsters of rock will be coming to a town near you this summer, delivering an incredible set that will no doubt contain some of the amazing tracks from “To Beast or Not to Beast”.

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