Limb - Demo [Review]Limb, (Rob Hoey – vocals, Sam Cooper – bass, Pat Pask – guitars and Jodie Wyatt – drums) are a four-piece from ”all over the place’, based in London who declare a love for Kyuss and classic doom metal.  This three track was originally put out as a demo, now seemingly released on Witch Hunter Records, in any case the sound quality is quite poor. I’m rather sketchy as to whether Limb are trying to create a dank, sludgy facsimile of the early recordings of their  metal heroes or whether it’s born of financial and technical restraints.

Lead out track ‘Daemoness’ is groovy blackened doom, displaying a Danzig-esque theatricality which explodes into life briefly at the end just when you are expect long tortured climax. It’s a feature, and in my opinion a fault, of all three tracks here that they are over all to quickly, never settling long enough to seep into your consciousness.

Next up, ‘Black Rat’ is more of an expected fuzzy, stoner number, but rather has a rather tired and obvious verse/chorus/groove breakdown which never really stirs the blood. You know exactly what it’s going to do, and isn’t hard hitting enough to make you forget your worries and just nod along.

‘Dead Voice’  has a more interesting arrangement but still induces lethargy and apathy. This all sounds a little tired. The band seem lacking in inspiration, originality or the tunes to create creditable genre pieces. It doesn’t bode well for the bands future when they sound tired right from the start!

If Witch Hunter Records have indeed taken the decision to give the original demo an official release, I can only hope it was due to public demand. If they’re taking the gamble on it enhancing Limb‘s reputation then it’s a mis-step. New Heavy Sounds have recently released a new Limb EP, ‘Gift of the Sun’, which I can only hope is all round a more polished affair.

Limb – Bandcamp page