lifeforms - multidimensionalI am probably showing my ignorance here, but I guess there is debate as to whether or not djent is a thing or not. I figured if the bands that play the music in its “genre” use the term to describe themselves, and there are multiple web sites dedicated to it, it must be something. Hell, even has a djent radio channel. I mean, we had to come up with some kind of name for this metal since Meshuggah was already taken, and the sound djent is supposed to describe is guitar sound the band originated.

Djent “bands” seem to spring up like dandelions. Most of them are one lone guitarist who programs the rest of the instruments. By recording at home and self-producing, they can easily post something online. Finding a band that stands out in this genre can be difficult, let alone an actual band! Sacramento, CA’s Lifeforms are trying to do just that with their Lifeforce Records debut “Multidimensional” out May 14, 2013.

“Multidimensional” is still a little on the a-typical djent side. You have the distinctive low-gain, distorted palm-muted guitar sound, the deathcore-ish breakdowns, and the obligatory instrumental interlude (aptly titled exactly that). However, there are quite a few bright points as well. Howie’s vocals are not all screamy then guttural on every song. The guy has a real voice and is not afraid to use it. The patches of melodic vocal sprinkled throughout the album are a welcome change of pace.

‘Reflections II’ is a great example of his multi-faceted vocal ability. The influences of other areas of metal in the songs are a nice addition. The tracks ‘Digitize’, ‘Paradox’, and ‘Home’ minus the djenty guitar could be something you would hear on an As I Lay Dying record. Lifeforms also breaks out of Korn bounce mode occasionally and pushes the tempo of the track. This gives them some uniqueness to their sound which is a welcomed addition.

Oh, and did I mention that this is an actual band?!? That means there are five guys with opinions and influences that can work their way into the music. This is much better than one dude noodling in his mom’s basement. “Multidimensional” is a great title for Lifeforms debut album. It hopefully gives a hint of what is to come from this band and shows that they have the potential to get out from behind the stigma that the term djent sometimes carries with it.

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