Korn are back! Back at full strength… big style!

They have a full squad now, with Brian “Head” Welch back in the ranks, and Jonathon Davis is bang on his fighting weight; lean, mean, and dripping with hunger and prowess. Download was about to be given a lesson in how to deliver a ball crushingly thunderous set. A set designed to whip an already hyperactive crowd into the realms of insanity.

Davis, has the Download masses eating from the palm of his hand, right from the second he steps on stage to the moment he exits. ‘Blind’ opens up his vocals and the set, as the familiar ‘laggy band driven riffs thunder across Castle Donington. With Head back, the opening salvo ‘Blind’, ‘Twist’ and ‘Falling Away From Me’ transports us back to classic Korn territory. The front and centre stage pits swirl, into bedlam as the older generation and new fans slam together… just like the good old days.

Crossover terrority follows with ‘Narcissistic Canibal’ ramming the Dubstep loaded newer material over the Download masses. We loved “The Path Of Totality”, experimental or not, and judging by the energy in front of the main stage, the Download faithful also approve. Korn don’t have a massively long timeslot, and Davis isn’t going to arse about with much crowd interaction today, he’s going to just remind us how bloody good these guys are. Bagpipes for ‘Shoots and Ladders’, we’re all full of beer, pogoing and screaming along to nursery rhymes; it’s nostalgic excellence!

By the time Skrillex collaborated ‘Get Up’ is launched, Korn have already won, and we’re following them on a huge lap of honour. Anyone with any voice left is shouting the lyrics back at the Bakersfield bunch; huge grins slapped across our faces. ‘Got The Life’ and ‘Freak On A Leash’, and we’re spent… Korn have left us, battered, bruised and on such a high… but yeah, we can still muster up the energy to sing Happy Birthday to drummer Ray Luzier.

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant… So far, Korn were winning Download!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Whitton Photography

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