Koresh - Chump [Review]Once describing themselves ever so aptly as “four drunken idiots from London,” Koresh now number five and have obviously spent a lot of time imbibing the downbeat, alcohol-soaked vibes of Eyehategod and similar hateful miscreants for the noise emanating forth on EP “Chump” is thoroughly nasty indeed.

Armed with some fantastic song titles such as ‘Straight Edge Till Midnight’ and ‘You Can Call Me Gaahl’, Koresh obviously aren’t taking things too seriously, but the gritty riffs and sandpaper-screams that comprise the ten minutes or so of “Chump” will be enough to cause many a bloody nose in the pit when played live. The pace varies between feral grinding riffs that give way to strung-out doomier passages such as on the Iron Monkey-worshipping ‘Wogan’ and of course, some nasty feedback squeals.

There’s enough variation in the seven songs to hint that the band is ready to start making some waves soon, so expect to catch Koresh in some basement, beating the shit out of their instruments and chugging cheap booze. After a listen of “Chump” you wouldn’t expect anything different.

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