Kolp - The Outside [Review]Hungarian band Kolp is yet another solo metal project, this time from Knot, who provides the music. He enlists the help of good friend Jim Jones (no not that Jim Jones) for lyrics vocals and the result is a mix of black metal, sludge, doom and other styles. The blend of styles won’t please the many black metal fans who want that one sound from start to finish. But those who embrace some variety should find something to like here.

The first track ‘There Was No Place To Hide’ starts off full of fire and brimstone with some fast, but not furiously fast-paced drumming, a wall of reverb and a slow tremolo melody coming through from behind. Fairly typical black metal. This slows suddenly into some slow, plodding sludge before the vocals first make an appearance with a bar or two of screaming. To round out the track we go back to the fast sounds of the intro with the wall of guitar noise being the constant that holds it all together. ‘The Initial State’ is up next and is pretty much the same song, or at least a continuation of it.

‘Drowning’ takes the plodding sludge a step further, thick as treacle but with no sign of sweetness, before it too gets the tremolo, but it does keep its heavy plodding feel throughout and lives up to the title. ‘Interface Dissolve’ and the title track are similar to ‘Drowning’ but the rest of the album follows the formula of the opener.

This is intended to be a very dark album and yes, it’s very heavy, but like a lot of black metal it can at times feel a bit repetitious, contrived and familiar so doesn’t draw the listener in like good post-metal does. Knot himself says the genre is over-saturated which begs the question why keep making it? I would listen to this again, but it won’t set the world on fire.

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