Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent

When Howard Jones announced he was stepping down as Killswitch Engage vocalist back in 2012, and ex-singer Jesse Leach picked up the gauntlet once more to take his place, the metal world was split in two on whether or not the return of Killswitch’s original vocalist would be the wisest move for the band. Now in 2013, geared up, re-oiled and ready for action – Killswitch Engage are back with quite possibly their best album to date, combining elements of both old school Leach era and modern Jones era Killswitch to form a sound that is quite simply incredible.

Made up of 12 phenomenal modern metal anthems that last for just under 41 minutes of pure musical heaven, “Disarm the Descent” is an album that every metal fan needs in their collection, proving that Killswitch Engage are a band whose flame will never die out.

Opening with tracks such as ‘Beyond the Flames’, ‘The New Awakening’ and the hit single from Disarm the Decent, ‘In Due Time’, Killswitch Engage hit the ground running with this album, delivering anthem after anthem that could all be classed as some of the finest metal songs of the past ten years. With not one dull track in sight, and no two songs sounding the same, “Disarm the Descent” has to be Killswitch Engage’s most diverse, energetic and engaging record to date, containing tracks that will simply blow you away the moment they hit.

With “Disarm the Descent” Killswitch Engage have not recreated their sound, but in fact evolved it, adding a new level of aggression to the guitar tone and backing rhythm sections, yet keeping those signature melodic choruses that Howard Jones was so famous for. Although Howard may be gone, Jesse Leach’s vocal ability has progressed so much since “Alive or Just Breathing,” and even the Times of Grace album he did with Adam D in 2011, showing him to be a worthy replacement as he adds his own personal touch to amazing songs like ‘A Tribute To The Fallen’, ‘You Don’t Bleed For Me’ and ‘The Call’.

As incredible as this album is, the thing that really sets it apart from any other is actually in the special edition version of it. With two bonus tracks entitled ‘Blood Stains’ and ‘Slave To The Machine’ (which really deserved to be on the standard version of the record), two insane live versions of ‘Numbered Days’ and ‘My Curse’ and a 30 minute documentary on the making of “Disarm the Descent,” the special edition version of the record is the version you should go for, adding the cherry to this already flawless album.

To sum it up quite simply, “Disarm the Descent” is THE metal album of the year. No, wait a minute, let me rephrase that. “Disarm the Descent” is THE metal album of the decade! Out freaking Standing!

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