Kataklysm - Waiting For the End to ComeThere are some bands you can always rely on. They’ve been around for years, constantly deliver the goods and rarely let you down. Kataklysm are one such band. Ever since their formation some 20 years ago they have consistently released straight-up bullshit free death metal albums that appeal to many and disappoint few. It’s fair to say that they’re an extreme metal institution. Eleventh full length album “Waiting For the End To Come” shows no changes to the band’s sound and why would it? You know what you’re getting with these Canadians; a 45 minute ass-kicking.

The classy introduction to ‘Fire’ soon gives way to a barrage of blastbeats and pummelling riffage that the band refer to as the ‘Northern Hyperblast’, a simply effective means of describing their brutal sound. Guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais has more riffs at his disposal than there are trees in his native land it seems, and he keeps piling them on without mercy. There is a fluidity to the songs that are missing from many other death metal acts that just serve up a pile of unrelated riffs and hope for the best. The anthemic chugs and blasts of ‘If I Was God – I’d Burn It All’ are catchy as hell, as is the monstrously heavy chorus of ‘Like Animals.’ “We live to dominate!” roars vocalist Maurizio Iacono and he’s certainly not lying.

The melodic flourishes of ‘Kill the Elite’ call to mind vintage European melodeath acts of yesteryear while displaying the technical chops that seems to inhabit all North American tech-death bands worth their salt. It’s this perfect fusion of styles that make Kataklysm such a cohesive and rewarding unit. They’ve had the time to hone their art to near-perfection and while they may not push the envelope like more avant-garde acts or pretend they dwell in a crypt as current trends dictate, they will quite simply never let you down. The bruising lurch of ‘The Promise’ and the scuffed grandeur of ‘Elevate’ are proof that the meat and potatoes approach can still be pretty damn tasty, and “Waiting For the End To Come” is yet another wholly satisfying main course.

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