Kamelot - SilverthornFlorida based power/symphonic metal band Kamelot are back with their 10th studio album entitled “Silverthorn”, an album that takes you on a mystical, adventure ridden journey through each and every song on it – whilst providing the listener some good old classic metal style anthems to mosh and sing along to. With 12 amazing tracks made up of cantering dual guitar riffs, luscious vocal melodies and a fuckton of keyboard lines. Kamelot have written one of the finest power metal releases of the past few years, putting to shame most of the bands who spawn from the prominent European power metal scene and proving that when it comes to all things fantasy and dungeon and dragons alike, the Americans ALWAYS know best.

Even before you play the album, the attraction to it is definitely its dark, brooding and almost gothic album artwork that can easily entice any rabid metal fan into buying, or at least trying this incredible album. Once you get past the mesmerising album art, that whole dark feel flows throughout the entirety of the album and on tracks such as ‘Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)’, ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘My Confession’ it is the looming keyboard/organ lines, the lingering samples and the occasional demon like scream that carries this evil sounding presence throughout the songs, making “Silverthorn” a very menacing, yet epic listening experience.

“Silverthorn” is the first album by Kamelot to feature their new singer, Tommy Karevik and he certainly adds a fresh new sound to the band, providing an impressive set on vocal lines into the mix and proving that he is equally as good, if not better than ex vocalist Roy Khan. This is one of Kamelot’s finest works to dates and this could partly be down to the amazing contribution Karevik’s vocals, taking Kamelot back to their glory days through the songs ‘Torn’, ‘Veritas’ and the outstanding and emotional title track ‘Silverthorn’.

Usually concept albums can be so cheesy. They take away the listeners attention to the music and get them tangled up in some ludicrous story line regarding dragons, damsels in distress and a quest to find some glowing stone that has the power to unleash an undead army. Kamelot on the other hand have managed to incorporate a concept into “Silverthorn”, which centres round the death of a 19th century girl named Jolee, but yet does not let that story come before the music, making this centered round both talented musicianship and an interesting, but not overbearing true story.

By far one of Kamelot’s finest hours, “Silverthorn” is an album that will have you hooked from the moment it kicks in; delivering a superb take on power metal that is topped off with special guest appearances from Elzie Ryd (Amaranthe) and Aliisa White-Gluz (The Agonist). “Silverthorn” is a power metal album that will be on peoples CD players for years to come and this new and improved version of Kamelot are one of the best power metal bands out there at the moment.

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