Matt Seddon sat down with Jozef and Paul of UK post-hardcore band Devil Sold His Soul at Summerjam Festival 2013 for a quick interview. They talked about the band, their influences, being the new vocalist, Summerjam and much, much more…

Heya this is Matt Seddon and today I am chatting to Devil Sold His Soul, hey guys how are you doing?

(Jozef): Heya man, pretty good thanks. We have just come off stage at Summerjam 2013, and I was just saying to one of the other guys that tonight’s show had to be our best UK show of the year so far! Such an amazing turnout and everybody seemed to be really into it!

(Paul): It’s definitely my favourite UK show of the year too… Oh wait. This is my first UK show with this band haha!

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

(Jozef): Hey, I’m Joseph and I play bass for Devil Sold His Soul.

(Paul): And I’m Paul, the new singer for Devil Sold His Soul.

So when and how did Devil Sold His Soul first form?

(Jozef): Many, many years ago man. I won’t disclose the number, but it started amongst the older guys really. Their band split up, they got a few of us newer guys in, and that’s how we started basically.

How would you describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you before, and who are your main influences?

(Jozef): I guess it’s mainly for people who are into a Deftones meets Isis vibe, including massive soundscapes and being extremely melodic. On the other hand, playing these songs live, it’s a whole new experience. It’s heavy as fuck and emotional. The lights really help to enhance our show. It’s a well rounded musical experience really.

Obviously, Paul you are the bands new vocalist, how did you get this awesome opportunity and what have been your highlights so far?

(Paul): It’s been really good so far. It was a bit awkward at first with the fans, especially when we played in France. Basically, we played 4/5 shows in France before it was announced I’d be stepping in, and people where like: “Who the hell is this guy”. It’s been great; everyone has been cool and very welcoming.

(Jozef): I was surprised by how positive everyone was online to be honest. I remember the day we announced that Paul was our new vocalist, we were on tour, and we were all just waiting for someone to have a moan and a bitch about it, but 95% of the fans welcomed him with open arms.

(Paul): And the other 5% wanted me to die in the most brutal way imaginable…

Before you joined Devil Sold His Soul, did you have any experience with other bands, or is this experience all new to you?

(Paul): Yeah, I’m still in another band actually, but it’s a completely different experience to being in Devil Sold His Soul. Different dynamics and sounds in both bands, but I find it great to experiment and try different things.

Now you have a new vocalist have you been writing any new material?

(Jozef): We have five songs that are ready for release, and we hope to hopefully have them out as a mini EP in time for our UK tour in the autumn. We are playing a load of shows with the guys from We Butter The Bread With Butter. It’s going to be amazing, as its nearly a year since we released our last album, and we have new stuff already, haha.

(Paul): The new songs are sounding incredible, but we are just trying to figure out how to release them. Do we wait a bit and release a full album, release them as they are in an EP, or release them one by one as singles. That’s all up in the air at the moment, but with them help from our management team, we hope to have them out as soon as possible for you all to enjoy.

TINAS: Obviously you have been playing at Summerjam Festival today, have you checked out any of the other bands on today?

(Jozef): Hey Vanity were really good, and I caught a bit of Martyr Defiled – they were pretty good. We also watched Hildamay before we went on stage. It’s tough living so far away man. We just had to roll up to the festival today, and now we have to bugger off home.

(Paul): Our van has broken down so we all had to come up in separate cars. It’s been a nightmare getting here, but it has been a good day. Attention Thieves where awesome too.

Speaking of your live show, what would you say is your favourite Devil Sold His Soul song to play live?

(Jozef): What a crushing question man. I really like playing ‘Hope’ and ‘As the Storm Unfolds’. We were gutted we didn’t have time to play them today, but those would be my favourite songs to play.

(Paul): ‘Crusader’ has to be my comfort song. I come across best in that song and it gives me a lot of confidence when playing that live. ‘Tides’ is a belter to play live too.

Do you guys have anything else planned for 2013 apart from the UK tour?

(Jozef): Maybe not 2013, but hopefully 2014 we should have some big plans, and it can be as amazing as this year has been. 2014 is going to be all about touring and getting our name out there even more!

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