ThisIsNotAScene‘s Myron recently caught up with Jake Brazelton and David Rodgers of Tuscon sludgemeisters Godhunter. They talked about the band, recording the new album, inspirations, the current state of metal, Miley Cyrus and much more…

Thanks for taking time to let us get to know Godhunter it is much appreciated. Tell us a little bit about Godhunter, where did the name come from?

Jake Brazelton: Godhunter is a band of five dudes who like to play loud. The name actually came from a comic book but we liked it because of how abrasive and confrontational it is. We like to play aggressive music so we needed an aggressive name.

David Rodgers: Yeah, the name came from a Beta Ray Bill comic book, but damn, throw an upside cross next to it and people go apeshit.

How does it feel to finally get an LP recorded?

JB: It feels really good to finally having a full length out. Most of our EPs were pretty long but none of them were full on album lengths. Now that it is done we are excited to get back on the road and show people what this album is all about.

DR: I’m just glad that people are finally able to stop asking us when we’re doing a full length.

So you have an LP nearly finished how do you feel about it at this point?

JB: We feel really good about it. We have a lot of good songs on this that should get people thinking and/or angry about things. We might even surprise a few people.

DR: Well, kind of like anything you create, you don’t know what people are going to think about it until it’s released to the public, so for now we’re all just kind of holding our breath until this comes out. Hopefully the reaction is good. I hate waiting though. I wish it was coming out next week.

What inspired you musically?

JB: A bunch of shit. Good bands, shitty bands, the news, dumb fucks, and everything in between. Basically anything that sits on my mind long enough will eventually get converted into a riff.

DR: Weed and decaying social graces and conditions. Mainly weed though.

What do you think about the current state of metal?

JB: Right now we have a ton of great bands out there and usually the dudes (and lady dudes) in those bands are super cool. It is hard to keep up with all the good bands putting out new records lately which is pretty fucking cool.

DR: I think it’s stronger than ever. Classics are still being written every day, like the Pallbearer album. And people in the “metal” world are completely welcoming to bands like Pinkish Black and Baroness, so I think metal is doing just fine.

What are your thoughts on the resurgence of sludgy sounding metal (I hate genres)?

JB: I’m all for it. Metal isn’t only playing fast and getting all noodly on the guitar. The sludgy and doomy sounding music has a lot of feeling to it. A lot of fear, anger, hate and suffering. All of these lead down a path to the dark side.

DR: It’s gotta be better than another round of rap metal.

You are a hard touring band, how do you manage to keep life together while touring so much?

JB: Not easily, that is for sure. Most of us have jobs that allow us to get out on the road pretty easily. It requires spending a good amount of money and sometimes it means not eating as much as you normally would, sleeping whenever you can, and maybe not bathing that much but playing on the road is the greatest part about being in a band so fuck it I guess.

DR: My wife drives and tour manages for us, otherwise I’m sure my home life would be a goddamn wreck. This isn’t easy and we’re broke a lot. Still totally stoked every time we play a show or hit the road though. I’ve always been broke, so that shit doesn’t bother me much.

Whats next in terms of a tour?

JB: We plan on doing a few little weekend warrior tours over the next few months until a long tour of the west coast in August and September. We’re also hitting a few festivals next year. 2014 is just going to be pretty busy for us. Hopefully we’ll see most of the country.

How did Southwest Terror Fest come to pass?

DR: Southwest Terror Fest is really my thing, I just force my band to help me with it. Myself and a couple other guys from Tucson came up with the idea a few years ago. There weren’t any other festivals for metal/punk in the Southwest at the time, so we’d figured we would fill that vacuum. We just strive to bring great bands to Tucson every October in the hopes that it plays some small part in keeping this scene alive.

Whats the outlook for Southwest Terror Fest in 2014?

DR: I can’t say in terms of bands yet, as it’s still a little to early for that. We’re in early talks with some great bands, but that’s it. I will say that we’re changing up the format again next year. We’ll probably tinker with that every year until we feel we get it right, if that ever happens. I think we may move the festival right into the middle of downtown Tucson in order to expand a bit.

Since there is Terror in the name I have to ask, any horror fans in the group and if so name some favorite books or movies?

JB: I am huge fan of HP Lovecraft. Basically that guy creates gold whenever he put pen to paper. Movie-wise, I really like movies like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and Cabin in the Woods.

DR: I won’t say I’m a “horror fan” as much as some people I know, but I do like the genre. I tend to enjoy the more realistic side of it though. I love serial killers, mass murderers, shit like that. We’re writing a new song about the Zodiac Killer now, who is one of my absolute favorites. But when it came to Terror Fest, that was actually named by Dave Carroll from Inoculara and Diseased Reason. he’s one of the guys that started Terror Fest with me. We were gonna call it Tucson Terror Fest, but then some film festival threatened to sue us, so it ended up Southwest Terror Fest.

What is your favorite part of cabin in the woods is – I love when they have the Harbringer on speaker phone and he keeps trying to be I delivered them into the hands….oh wait am I speakers phone and the two dudes are laughing. Also do you think this is a nod to Lovecraft or do you have another take on the film?

JB: That part of the movie is so god damn good! I lost my shit really hard. That was easily one of my favorite parts of the flick. I really like the scene where the Marty says “Yeah… I had to dismember that guy with a trowel.” That dude was one of my favorite characters. He smoked a lot of weed so I can relate. And the end of the film is TOTALLY a Lovecraft shout out.

Time for the last question who are you listening to now in terms of metal, I and readers always need to hear of new bands to explore?

JB: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Herder, Doomriders, ASG, Asthma Castle, Acid Tiger, and Amigo the Devil.

DR: ASG put out my favorite album this year, without a doubt. I know they’re not new by any means, but Blood Drive is a leap above and beyond anything they’ve done before. And Amigo The Devil is easily my new favorite band. If you haven’t heard him yet, you’re missing the fuck out. SubRosa from Salt Lake City also put out an incredible album this year. I was very stoked to have them on Terror Fest. Personally, I think they stole the show. Great people great band.

For me its always fun to explore bands I have never heard from rather than being disappointed in some of the mediocre stuff that popular mainstream is doing, your thoughts?

JB: Mainstream metal is fucking terrible. Plain and simple.

DR: I don’t really pay any attention to mainstream metal. Just doesn’t do it for me. If I’m going to listen to something mainstream, I’d much rather listen to a band like Rise Against or the Deftones. Or anything Miley Cyrus does. She’s a badass. I’m Team Miley all the way. Write that down. Miley, if you ever want to sing on a song, just hit us up, girl.

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