In Search of Fire – Serotonin StormA storm of happiness? That’s quite a claim from In Search of Fire. I wouldn’t say these six songs completed my life in a dramatic way. There was no overwhelming feeling of peace and Buddha-like enlightenment.

I did quite like the EP though.

Like early Muse records, before they sought to become the new Queen (the band, not the monarch), it has plenty of energy. The songs are well crafted and held together by solid, alternating riffs.

‘Indie Rock n Roller’ is a misleading title for the opening track. It gets off to a furious, more punk-like start, before settling down into a good Muse-esque song. Lead singer Andy Malet even does a pretty passable Matthew Bellamy impression, without ever quite reaching glass-shattering octaves.

Track 2, ‘When In Rome’, is much more indie in style, applying a softer, more considered touch on the guitars. Indie in style, that is, until the weird Caribbean flourish at the end.

The next one up, ‘No Shit Sherlock’, is most notable for its guitar solo, with driving riffs which bring Bloc Party to mind.

Guitars take over for a while longer on ‘Memory Loss’, after the track begins with a simple, bluesy guitar/drum combo that sets the rhythm for this slow tempo number. ‘Slip the crystal down your throat/Allow hallucinations to unfold/And when the night is over, you will become/An animal’ – I think that explains where the memory loss might be coming from…

Maybe because of some crystal or similar substance, a lot of the lyrics are a tad abstract. On ‘Dead Men’s Eyes’ for instance, you get: ‘Then nail me down to a royal cross/I’ll stick it in your mind/Put it through a vortex/And in the doors of time’. Um…OK then, I’ll have a go.

The closer, ‘Moving On’, is a slightly whiny, withering ballad that lets the EP down a bit. It’s completely different to everything that comes before it, so I suppose it is at least showing off their versatility, not that they really have anything to prove on that score. Overall, ‘Serotonin Storm’ shows a good deal of variety – and a great deal of promise.

I like this band’s stuff, I’ll look out for more and I wish them well on their pyromaniacal quest.

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