Immension - The Enemy WithinHeavy metal outfit Immension’s latest EP, “The Enemy Within,” is an exploration into the world of metal that initially feels familiar, yet once the fourth and final track is over you will be frothing at the mouth for a full album. Their influences include the likes of Metallica and In Flames, no surprises there, but though these elements may be ever present throughout the 20 minute journey their own technical fluency adds something captivating to this piece of music.

From the opening track, ‘The Enemy Within’ the EPs namesake, the focus and determination is evident. With such striking and memorable guitar pieces this 6 minute epic flies by in a flurry of speed metal. ‘Forevermore’ has a main riff similar to that of the title track which makes the duo seem like a huge song, though this as a standalone has its elements, the structure and the way the song effortlessly flows being fantastic. The Metallica influence is never more present than in ‘All That Remains’ though after the initial “This sounds like a Metallica song” the bands ability to write removes that original thought, at least after the “fade to black” lyric, and you’ll open up to the beauty within this song. Great use of clean guitars merging with the electrics and both heavy and clean vocals truly shine on this track. The closer ‘In The Dead Of Winter’ is a return to the heavy riffing, again elements in writing are similar to the first two but there are still moments of originality.

Lead guitarist Tim Dolan’s work is seriously impressive here, some of the best thrash solos you’ll hear can be found on this release. The whole band are at a level where they posses great technical skill but also the ability to write great songs. Perhaps to some it won’t be utterly original, but after a few listens some will realise “The Enemy Within” is a seriously brilliant EP. The main detraction being that a few of the guitar riffs sound quite similar to each other, especially in the opening two songs. This is easily forgotten however.

They’re young and have a long way to go but Immension may soon write one of the best metal songs of our generations. This EP is a decent step onto that glorious ladder.

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