Human Cull - Split Second ExtinctionAfter two demos and an eponymous EP behind them, South West grindcore trio Human Cull have set about releasing their debut album. Formerly known as Gran Toucher and suffering from a lot of line up changes in the past, this first effort see a settled line up push on with a name change and a focus to carry on their rapid rise which has seen them support such scene luminaries as Napalm Death, Wormrot and Black Breath.

There is no opening intro, instead the first track ‘The Mechanics of Genocide’ aims straight for the kill with a violent mix of blastbeats, guttural growls and vicious riffs. It is a decent, solid mixture of grind and crust and has a very raw, abrasive feel to it. One downside is the fact that the vocals, tend to get lost a couple of times below the noise. It is nice to hear something that hasn’t been overproduced and too clean, but there are a couple of tracks (’30 days of Ketamine’ and ‘Man Is The Problem’ spring to mind here) have a slightly different sound to them.

It is pretty difficult to get in depth about an album that flies by in around under ten minutes. Only two tracks manage to make it to the one minute mark including the epic (from this bands point of view) two minute closer ‘Resentment’. If short rapid blasts of filthy grindcore are your thing, then this should be right up your street, a good effort to build on for future releases.

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