Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose

Hatebreed are to Hardcore what AC/DC are to rock. Consistent. You know exactly what you are going to get from a Hatebreed album when you get it. That’s not say they have a history of repeating themselves but they do have a formula that works for them and their fans, despite some slight experimentation over the years. You are never going to see them deviate wildly from the tried and tested path.

After a four year gap after the release of their self-titled record in 2009, Hatebreed have returned with a brand new album “The Divinity of Purpose” and with it a renewed energy as well. This is a straight up punch in the face hardcore record with any and all flab cut out of it. As frontman Jamey Jasta so eloquently put it, this new album is “All pit, no shit” and that is a pretty accurate statement.

Starting with the punchy ‘Put it to the Torch’ the album’s pace is set out nice and early, it’s a typical Hatebreed anthem, then comes on, kicks you in the face and leaves again before you’ve even realised what has happened to you. This seems to be a running theme throughout the album, short, sharp tracks that display a punkier edge than previous releases, but are no less in your face. In fact, I think the shorter length and punkier style actually make some of the songs appear more vicious and hostile at times.

Tracks like ‘Nothing Scars Me’ and ‘Before The Fight Ends You’ display the trademark toughness of the band at their hardest and are set to become live staples for years to come. However, as with all Hatebreed records, there is also a positive message to be found as well, and that comes in the form of ‘Honor Never Dies’ and ‘Own Your World’ which show that Hatebreed still know how to uplift and empower as well as just get a blunt force rage out as well.

Hatebreed have once again delivered another album full of razor sharp riffs, and fist pumping anthems, that shows that the fire is still very much there and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. There are also enough subtle changes in the songs that show even though they aren’t reinventing the wheel, Hatebreed still know how to switch things up and keep it fresh. Long time fans will find much to love about this album, while newcomers have a great point of entry.

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