Hate - SolarfleshCommencing with the customary rubbish intro that’s supposed to build atmosphere, but merely irritates as you await proper songs, “Solarflesh” is certainly well produced but let’s have it fellas. Seeing as I’m reviewing this I feel obliged to listen to the whole of the 3 minutes 25 seconds. Had I just bought this for my own pleasure I would have skipped it about 11 seconds in.

Then we get underway properly with “Eternal Might”….DRUMS….very very drums. Then guitars. All the guitars.

Yes, Hate are straight out of the traps on track two and tearing you a new one in classic fashion.

The ironic thing is that this has such a grandiose build up before the chaingun riff actually kicks in that it would have served as a beautiful opener and the nonsense that precedes actually detracts from it. The pounding insanity of Hexen‘s satanic little feet drives the songs along at the same relentless pace as previous gem “Erebos” (an album well worth getting hold of if the current one floats your boat) and ATF Sinner (his Mum calls him Adam) sounds as angry and guttural as ever.

‘Alchemy Of Blood’ opens with a riff that sounds surprisingly Machine Head-y for a moment then gives way to some Gojira-esque fret-hammering. Are Hate taking a new direction? Experimenting? Ah, no – they’re quickly back into proper Polish death metal territory. Having said that, like their fellow countrymen Behemoth and Vader they aren’t purely death metal. They veer closer to the latter’s thrashy style but still have that occult BM feel that flavours much of Nergal‘s work.

The battery continues in fine style until we reach ‘Sadness Will Last Forever’. Although peppered with blasts of speed it has a much more brooding malevolent fury than the rest of the album and the pace is slowed down to allow the listener a few breaths. No less hateful (see what I did there) or heavy but this provides some light and shade to the aural bombardment.

With a Spanish guitar intro the title track soon erupts into a woodpecker on acid rhythm and is likely to be a live favourite when they hit the road. “Solarflesh” continues with measured brutality from start to finish and manages to top its predecessor which is no mean feat. Consistently powerful and inventive, Hate are a band that deserve way more attention than they get and here’s hoping this release sees them getting the credit they deserve for continuing to wave the flag for ugly, ferocious music.

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