The punk scene in South Africa hasn’t given me much hope in recent years, nor do I agree with some of the philosophies (if you can call it that) that punk aspires too. Nothing annoys me more than some drunken mangy mutt yelling, “Punk is not dead”, well thanks to you buddy, I wish it was. Moving over to the music side of things, a recent release from the Casualties wasn’t a bad effort, but it didn’t impress me that much, nor has any street punk band for that matter. Over the last couple of years it’s been all about the fashion and not the music.

Yeah, hope you’re offended, because the truth hurts. However, every now and then you come across a band that really takes you back to the glory days of Black Flag, Poison Idea, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat and Circle Jerks. The band in this case is called Haraball and they play classic 70’s/80’s hardcore punk. Their debut record is titled “Sleep Tall” and it has everything you want from a hardcore punk album… awesome rhythms, speed and of course the “fuck you attitude” as a result of straight edge assholes meet elitist punks. The atmosphere of the record is as powerful as a live $5 all ages show.

The record just has an amazing sound, from the crusty/edgy guitar, drums and cymbals, oh and of course some amazing bass lines that in culmination will leave you flat on your arse. This is hardcore punk the way it was supposed to be played and all those street punk paloekas should take some notes. This record will definitely make old punks show some teeth as they relive some nostalgia. Hell, it might even bring a tear to the eye.

One would expect a band like this to be spawned out of the US or even the UK, well you’d be wrong. Haraball is an Oslo based outfit that does the Scandinavian Hardcore Punk scene proud.

If you’re keen on some hardcore punk along the lines of 70’s/80’s hardcore punk, this is definitely a record to look out for. Oh and PS. Punk is not dead.

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