Hail Of Bullets - III: The Rommel ChroniclesWhen it comes to death metal the US has always been at the forefront of things. However, The Netherlands had their fair share of quality DM bands as well, including Gorefest, Asphyx, Pestilence, Houwitser and more recently, Hail Of Bullets. These Dutch are back with their third album, entitled “III: The Rommel Chronicles.” Let’s take a closer look.

As with the previous two releases “III: The Rommel Chronicles” is drenched with historic references to WW II, with the focus being on the legendary German field marshal Erwin Rommel and his famous exploits. Musically, it’s all about punchy death metal brought to you in the finest old school tradition. It’s all about well-rounded compositions, based around memorable guitar riffs and hooks.

Guitarists Stephan Gebedi (Thanatos) and Paul Baayens (Asphyx) are letting it rip in tracks like ‘Swoop Of The Falcon’, ‘Pour Le Merite’ and ‘Tobruk’. Drummer Ed Warby (ex Gorefest) and bassist Theo van Eekelen (Houwitser) act as the backbone of the band, providing singer Martin van Drunen (ex Pestilence) with the perfect foundation to growl about the trials and tribulations surrounding Herr Rommel.

The band’s preoccupation with WW II themes may raise a couple of eyebrows, especially in Germany. However, Hail Of Bullets really deliver the (old school) goods on their latest album. “III: The Rommel Chronicles” is as solid as they come. Impressive!

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