H_sleeve_visual_2013It’s no secret that Rap and Rock combine brilliantly together, just look at the examples throughout history from the classic collaborations between Public Enemy and Anthrax in the 80’s to global appeal of Limp Bizkit in the early 00’s to Hip Hop legend Eminem using guitars all over his new album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”. The only question remaining is, when will another band take this combination to the next level? Well if they have their way Hacktivist will do just that.

The Buckinghamshire crossover specialists blend the worlds of grime and Hip Hop with the crushing brutality of the heavily Meshuggah influenced Djent scene; the result is one of the most exciting sounds to come out of England since Enter Shikari. In the hands of a lesser band this could come across as quite gimmicky but Hacktivist pull off both elements to a very high standard, the riffs are as techy as any other band in the genre and the rapping is to a really high standard which really lifts the verses, these guys can seriously flow unlike the majority of 00’s Nu Metal bands (Hed Pe anyone?).

With the re-release of their debut EP, packed with extras, Hacktivist have thrown their gauntlet down hard to all other crossover acts not only to the UK scene but also worldwide, with only Japanese Rave Metallers Crossfaith coming close to taking their crown.

Whilst there is a bit of style over substance on the EP, the latest single ‘Elevate’ proves that there is more to come from the band in the future and from the sound of it could be another big step forward for the Buckinghamshire five-piece. The “Self titled” EP guarantees that all though Hacktivist are not the finished article currently they are certainly heading in the right direction.

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