Having had the privilege of seeing, and being blown away by, Hacktivist 2012, I eagerly anticipated their set at this years Download Festival. We arrived at the Pepsi Max stage early and caught the end of the intense yet impressive set from the Welsh Hardcore quintet, Brutality Will Prevail.

With the energy high and the crowed still amped from the Brutality Will Prevail set we were teased with an intro of Hacktivist‘s new track which samples ‘I hate you so much…’ by Kelis; looking forward to hearing it in full!

And they’re on…’New Age’ is the first song of their set, the backing track signals party time and as Timfy James chimes in with the opening chords the tent erupts.  Their self-titled track is next and you feel the energy of the pit (even at the back where us ‘oldies’ stand), with Ben Marvin and J Hurley feeding off it and throwing it right back at the baying crowd!

We then learn that a Hacktivist crew member is in the pit filming for their next video and the crowd are encouraged to get involved, it’s not to long before Ben leaves the stage and becomes part of the front row.

Next they rip through ‘Blades’ and their new track ‘Elevate’. Timfy, one foot on the monitors, purveys the carnage enveloping the scene before him as Josh Gurner throws shapes only Josh can throw, all kept in check by the metronomic but excellent drumming of Rich Hawking. I freaking love this band and their energy!

A tech-metal rehash of ‘Niggas in Paris’ follows and the roof is almost bouncing of its frame… then comes ‘Unlike Us’ and ‘Cold Shoulders’. Just as Ben is asking the crowd if they want another, the power is pulled and it’s over…BOO!

An awesome set from a great band, Hacktivist are tight, talented and definitely headed for grand things! 

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