Grey Storia - Martonic [Review]The old adage goes that you should never judge a book cover. It applies to album covers too. The problem is … when you dabble in the design of book and album covers … it almost becomes unavoidable.

But you have to look beyond the cover to the content … and in the case of “Martonic” by Grey Storia I am so glad I did. The rather non-descript cover that adorns this EP does not, in any way, express their brand of wonderfully vibrant & emotive instrumental rock music. I’ll admit to being rather shocked … I thought this was going to be some really leftfield experimental electronica … but instead was presented with the kind of post-rock soundscapes that I just absolutely love.

Over 6 tracks and 26 minutes, Grey Storia bring some truly exceptional post-rock to the listener. This is music that moves … both as a musical expression – ducking & diving like the best post-rock does – and as an emotive piece of art – it excites and entertains the listener.

The album does duck and dive … moving between periods of quiet to loud, slow to fast, soft to hard … in such an effortless manner. These twists and turns keep the listener interested … keeping them switched on with their variety … which is very important for me.

I also appreciated their use of instrumentation … I really dig the layers of guitars & their percussion … and do admit to grinning like a loon when they introduce a bit of glockenspiel on the third track – “escape”. I particularly love some of the guitar playing on the second track – “Requiem” – which reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins. I like it when something reminds me of Pumpkins.

That, for me, is why I enjoyed this piece so much – it’s not just cookie-cutter post-rock … Grey Storia have put real thought into their particular brand & expression of instrumental rock. I like that. It feels crafted, if that makes sense, like some sort of artisan chocolate or leather-adorned record-carrying tote-bag.

Overall, I would recommend this album and give it 7.5 out of 10. I feel it’s brevity is its weakness … it sounds too good to be only given 26 minutes … especially since 2 tracks are less than 2 minutes in duration each. As a listener I want more!

I am also unconvinced with the cover and really wish they’d went with something that more effectively articulated their utterly delightful brand of post-rock infused instrumental music. They need something typographical; I think … preferably screenprinted by hand.

That said, however … I want more from Grey Storia but am very glad for what I have.


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