Grave-Morbid-AscentAfter releasing one of my favorite albums from 2012, “Endless Procession Of Souls,” Swedish death metal pioneer Grave returns with a fantastic EP, “Morbid Ascent,” which consists of two skull crushing original songs, one cover song, and two new versions of older songs.

I compare the original track, “Venial Sin,” to a death metal wooden roller coaster ride. The start of the song is a tense slow build-up to the mind blowing speed of the first massive drop. You’ll get thrashed around until the halfway mark. At that moment you have just enough time to catch your breath and get ready for the thrilling end. Great head banging fun!

The title track, “Morbid Ascent,” instantly starts out at a ridiculous pace only to slow down to what I can only say is a noise that sounds like the horn of doom fused with a slow heavy guitar riff throughout the remainder of the song. “Possessed” is an amazing death metal spin on a cover song from Satyricon taken from their album “Volcano.” After listening to both I’m leaning towards liking the Grave version better.

“Epos” is the last song on their last album, “Endless Procession Of Souls,” This is, as the band describes, the “Risen From the Tomb” remix. It is 1:33 shorter but still as brutal. The last track on “Morbid Ascent”, “Reality Of Life,” is a rerecording of a song from their early demo, “Sexual Mutilation.” It is cleaner sounding but doesn’t lose the classic death metal feel.

“Morbid Ascent” is one of the longer EP’s I’ve seen, clocking in at 25 minutes. So if you’re a fan of Grave and need something to tide you over until their next album, this EP is very satisfying.

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