Golden Tanks - R.D.H.B [Review]It’s not very often you get sent an EP for review that on first listen pricks up your ears and makes you take notice. The opening track of “R.D.H.B” by Golden Tanks hooked me in from the very beginning. A track that could easily find itself seated on the latest Gallows album ‘859’ jumps straight in with high energy, fast paced, quality produced hardcore.

I was struck initially by Ben Sivyer’s vocals, maintaining powerful aggression yet not losing the clearness of enunciation to the overall sound. I would have instantly assumed Golden Tanks hailed from the other side of the pond, sounding comfortably at home in the Canadian hardcore scene and even sharing their name with a Cancer Bats song. I would have never have guessed they are five guys from Reading let alone currently unsigned.

As I delve deeper into the five track EP I can’t help but question if the real reason I am enjoying this is because so much of it feels familiar. Yes there are many comparisons I could make to other successful hardcore bands out there, but maybe that is the point. They may not be presenting anything particularly new here but what are they doing is at an exceptional level and I for one love it!

Who knows, as they progress they may develop a sound that’s a little more individual but that shouldn’t take away from what they are creating right now which is something quite special. Rather glad to find they are indeed from these shores and regularly touring this is a band I am eager to catch live! Overall “R.D.H.B” is an outstanding EP from a UK band that fans of Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats and Gallows etc should definitely take a look at.

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