Godsized - TimeGodsized‘s first full album “Time” arrives so fully formed and sure footed that you think that this band must have been around for ages. Ok, so they have been around for ages but you know what I mean. “Time” follows on the heels of two well-received EPs and, if you’re familiar with the band’s sound at all, then you probably have a decent idea of what’s in store already. Godsized have an Anglo-Saxon take on the southern sound and groove beloved by Black Label Society (who the band supported on their last UK tour), Black Stone Cherry and their ilk. It’s an album that is packed to the gunnels with well crafted, well executed songs and will be perfect for soundtracking your summer barbecue. If we actually get a summer, that is.

Kicking off with live staple ‘Soul Taker’, you’re struck by how immediate and familiar this stuff feels; although the band probably won’t like this metaphor, it’s a bit like pulling on your favourite sweater. If you like this sort of thing, then there is plenty more where that groove and tempo came from in the form of ‘Heavy Load’, ‘Moving On’ or the punchy, no messing about ‘Final Act’. There’s enough riffage in ‘The Bounty Hunter’ to open a riffing franchise but it’s on the seven minute ‘Mother’ where the band stretch themselves and truly impress. This is a highlight of the record: Glen Korner‘s impassioned vocals and his unerring ear for melody are on splendid display here but the whole band seem to intuitively recognise that this is one of those knocking-it-out-of-the-park moments and they all raise their musical game.

Self released by the band, “Time” sounds like a record that was recorded as live; it has an earthy and -dare i say it? yes, I dare- organic feel to it. The production is warm and inviting; there’s nothing arch or pretentious about this album- just a simple honesty and honesty of intent. Godsized serve up a dish of hard rock and metal that is best served loud. Their diligence, tenacity and ridiculous work ethic (having covered well over 300 live shows) has served them well. “Time” won’t be earning any medals for originality or for pushing the envelope but so what? I found “Time” a far more enjoyable listen than some of the self regarding bilge that I’m supposed to like.

Godsized are a band that you can listen to with a beer in hand, a grin on the face and, obviously, several nods of the head. Godsized clearly don’t give a monkeys for fashion or what’s cool this week. In “Time”, they’ve fashioned a solid, entertaining batch of songs that you can take exactly as they are: hard rock and metal played with passion, gusto and, occasionally  finesse. I liked it. If you take your head out of your proverbial, so might you. A case of beer and plenty of bourbon for these boys, then, if you please, barman.

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