Godhunter-AnakimBoth Godhunter and Anakim are from Tucson, Arizona. Godhunter has been around since 2009 with EP and splits to their name but no LP. Anakim are also another local area band filling out the split. Two similar yet different presentation of some good low end metal with a dash of heavy fuzz when needed.

Godhunter‘s contribution to this pair of brutal offerings is ‘Vulture’s Wake’ a shorter track given the low end rather doomish sound. With this type of sound we typically expect and 18 minute track but their brevity does not detract from the music, just leaves wanting more. This one kicks in with the right amount of fuzz coupled into a nice driving bass balanced with the perfect tick tock beat. Vocals are right in line, harsh and piercing. Charlie delivers the line “we are the vultures” perfectly! This is got it all riffs that punch through your chest, hooks that extend through your brain, in short glorious low end tunage. If you appreciate the low end of bands like Noothgrush and Weedeater this is the band for you.

Anakim round out the release with ‘The Whimper of Whipped Dogs’ and though they tend on the lower side of things, there sound is a little more clean and polished than their split brothers. Even though the sound may be a bit more up tempo and polished it is still damn good for a local helping to fill a split. Music is well composed, very well executed. Great slow start leading to a blistering fast paced ending, in short damn good track.

The Godhunter/Anakim split is a damn fine listen, classic examples of underground bands that are making incredible metal music. It is far more enjoyable to find and listen to gems like this than wait for the next big release from Dave and Co. and be disappointed and frustrated on the money spent. This will be released on The Compound/Battleground Records. Godhunter is now in the process of putting the finishing touches and their debut LP lets hope Anakim does the same.

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