Goatess - GoatessGoatess are another addition to the recent wave of great metal acts coming from Sweden. Judging by their name and artwork you may be expecting something with more brutality, but once the opening of seven minute epic ‘Know Your Animal’ starts the guitars that haven’t been turned up to Gain Level 10 settle easier on the ears, the mind begins to expand, and the head starts to bob.

Every track is above the 7 minute mark, asides from ‘Oracle Pt.1 : The Mist’ rounding off at the 4 minute mark, though it’s part of a much larger two part extravaganza. Probably the best two songs on the album, ‘Pt.1’ opens slowly and sets a folky scene to the affair whilst ‘Pt.2’ unleashes a Hellfire of fury for the next 8 minutes. There isn’t particularly one track on here that isn’t up to a degree of standard. They all fit within a similar wavelength which can be seen a detraction, asides from ‘Oracle Pt.1’ but the riffs aren’t a rehash of the same music in the previous song and slowed down, but each a different entity. Each track has it’s own merits. ‘King One’ being another track with serious balls. It’s not all heavy riffs for the entirety, the band know when to drop the song down into the more psychedelic sections and bring everything back in for a crashing dope filled crescendo.

If you’re in need of your daily dose of neck throbbing but want something new give Goatess a go. It has similar tendencies of early Black Sabbath, whilst adding the southern, misty vibe of Down and combining the modernity of other Doom bands, notably another Swede band Graveyard. Hopefully they’ll be the rising stars on the underground.

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