Gloria Morti - Lateral ConstraintHave you ever had a Maxell moment? That moment when you hit play and from the very beginning you are completely blown away by an album? Like, even if you were listening to it on a mini system the energy from the music would make you feel like you were walking into a hurricane wind? Well I had one when I dropped the needle on the new Gloria Morti album, “Lateral Constraint”, released on Metal Blade Records February 5th.

The album starts out in a flurry with the blistering track ‘Lex Parsimoniae’. The band just keeps it up after that and doesn’t give you a breather until the half-way point. The song ‘Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow’ starts out will a cool, moody acoustic guitar. You can almost see a one lone man, playing in some post-apocalyptic wasteland, like what is depicted on the cover. Then, before you know it, you are swept back into the fury! A few songs later the band does another planned slow down, but not for long. The gradual braking that brings them to a mid-tempo stomp in the middle of ‘Non-Believer’ just makes it easier for you to windmill head bang. The vocals of front man Psycho totally set the mood of the album. The guy’s voice sounds powerful enough to be used as a sand blaster.

These Finns label themselves as a melodic death metal band. They definitely need to add the descriptor of technical to their moniker, because the chops on this record are phenomenal! Besides the fact that the blast beats and riffs are super tight, the little extra stuff they do in between is crazy. Watch the play through video the band has out for the track ‘Slaves’ and you’ll understand what I mean. The finger tapping that guitarist Juho Räihä does on the middle of the main riff is insane! The drummer Kauko Kuusisalois no slouch either. This guy puts some pretty interesting cymbal accents into the songs that other drummers don’t do amongst the double bass and blast beat bludgeoning doled out on the album. I expect this guy to be on Sick Drummer any time!

“Lateral Constraint” by Gloria Morti is straight up ass kicker from front to back. It’s got great riffs, tight musicianship, and overall feeling that will put you in the mood for total destruction. This record is on my early list of this year’s best albums. Yes, it’s that good. So hit play and prepare to have your face ripped off, Gloria Morti is here to punish you in 2013!

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