Ghost (B.C) - If You Have GhostHailing from Sweden, Ghost (or Ghost B.C.) have created a name for themselves in the metal community. Some love them, some hate them, but once the connection has been made it’s hard to lose the attachment to the wondrous melodies and up beat anthems, not to mention the tantalizing theatrics.

Their most recent release is a Covers EP, produced by Dave Grohl. Entitled “If You Have Ghosts,” derived from the Roky Erickson song of near enough the same name, of which features on the EP and has been a track performed on Ghost‘s recent tour with Alice In Chains. The five track EP features four covers as well as a live version of ‘Secular Haze.’ ‘I’m A Marionette’ is a song that older Ghost fans may already have heard, but the official release on a solid format is welcomed, especially surrounded by three other covers. The chorus is still haunting.

‘Crucified’ by Army of Lovers and ‘Waiting For the Night’ by Depeche Mode feature. The latter of which featured on the Japanese Edition of “Infestissumam”. The songs have been taken by Ghost and manipulated to the point they stand astride with the original songs, yet stand on their own ground. The mysterious allure in Ghost‘s music definitely opens the ears to this new style on old songs. It’s an enjoyable short piece of music, and a fresh listen in the midst of so much heavy music. 

These songs, namely the ‘kind-of-title-track’, evoke a different emotion than Ghost‘s original music, the (even more) up beat style, changes around with the notation greatly change the dynamics and explore another hidden depth to the bands music. Likely this will influence their direction with the next album which given their speed of writing material is almost fully drafted. The added bonus of ‘Secular Haze’ live is welcomed too, hearing it’s doom riffs mixed with carnival-esque keyboards and ‘machinistic’ clanking surrounded by voices adds to the mass Satanic grip.

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