Get Off My Shoes“Let’s Not Rush Out And Tell The World” is the debut EP from Belgian indie popsters Get Off My Shoes. The title track kicks us off with a pretty little guitar figure by mainman Jonas Meukens, promising Sigur Ros like wonders, but is actually just the intro into ‘Dead of Night’, a driving piece of mid Atlantic punk pop lite. No doubt it’s aimed at getting the kids bouncing, but is lacking any lyrical bite and goes nowhere for what seems like far too long.

‘I Was Told A Lie’ again offers much in its intro, as the staccato beats and tinkling keys and percussion lead into slightly sad vocal croons by Meukens suggesting a cross between The Postal Service and Something Corporate. However, as soon as the pace picks up it reverts to a rather over familiar whiny, happy people template. It’s the soundtrack to US teen dramas, as boy, temporarily, loses girl. Still, it’s better than ‘Ghosts & Villains’ which is almost immediately so perky in its “We don’t wanna fall asleep” chorus , that I hate it for its youthful goofiness. It is clearly not written to appeal to 43-year old men with extravagant sideburns, irritable bowel syndrome and a mortgage.

The last two tracks ‘Were Going Down But We Don’t Care’ and ‘Autumn’ fare better in living up to their beginnings. ‘We’re Going Down But We Don’t Care’ is all choppy, ringing guitars and vaguely dancy beats, classic Bloc Party really, and ‘Autumn’ weaves wistful melodies over a huge marauding bass line. Both do struggle not to be smothered by Get Off My Shoes more puppyish , feel-good tendencies and just about keep their, recently dropped, balls.

This band is either easy to love or easy to hate. Which way you feel will almost certainly be decided by which side of 30 you sit.

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