Belakor - Of Breath And BoneHaving seen a Europe and other country release last year, Kolony Records finally brings the latest album from Be’lakor “Of Breath and Bone” to North America. Being quite taken with the initial release TINAS‘s Patrick gets George Kosmos to talk about the band and what they are up to.

What bands/artist inspired you growing up?

Primarily my parents’ vinyl collection: Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Queen. Like many young chaps, my first step into the realm of modern metal began with “Master of Puppets”.

What bands/artist/genre other than metal do you enjoy?

As previously foreshadowed, Pink Floyd and Queen are bands I really love. King Crimson, Credence and Tool are also brilliant. I like progressive rock (generally), although I find the genre can be hit and miss. I also enjoy psychadelic trance, especially Infected Mushroom, when I am in the right mood.

Any plans to tour in North America?

No immediate plans, sadly, but it remains a priority for us in the future. It’s a matter of lining up the right shows, at the right time (we all work full time) and without costing the band a ridiculous sum of money.

Your band name, Be’lakor, is based off a character from the Warhammer game. Who, if anyone plays games? (table top games/video games) If so, favorite all time games?

Every member of the band, except for Steve, is something of a gamer. Although we all have personal favourites, I think World of Warcraft would be the consistent favourite – particularly TBC and arena S3.

How long did it take to make “Of Breath and Bone”?

The writing process took about 18 months. The recording, production, art, lyrics and general finalisation took about another 6 months.

Best place/worst place you’ve been on tour?

Best place would have to be Germany. Worst place would be Geelong (in Australia).

I’ve read at the time of the release of “Of Breath and Bone” all of the members had full time jobs. Do they still work at those jobs? What are their jobs? Do they enjoy them?

That’s correct – we all still have careers which remain our primacy focus. We have a retail worker, two engineers, a teacher and civil servant/lawyer. Generally speaking, I think we all enjoy them. We’re certainly committed to them.

The biggest changes/growth in Be’lakor since the release of “The Frail Tide” to “Of Breath and Bone”.

Our personal lives have all gotten far more demanding. We’ve gone from (basically) being a bunch of university students to full time workers with (varying degrees) of family obligations. It’s been getting harder and harder to find time for rehearsal, song-writing and performance – but we’re all still committed.

Hobbies outside of music?

I like to read, paint, stay fit and play all sorts of games.

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