Generous Maria - III“This guy’s voice sounds like someone else I’ve heard before. Who is it?!?” I kept asking myself this question as I first listened to the new album from the Gothenburg, Sweden band Generous Maria. The familiarity of Goran Florstrom’s voice is just down right irritating! Maybe it is because it reminds me of many of the singers in bands I grew up listening to in the 80s. I looked into his background thinking he had to have been in another band before Generous Maria. No such luck. Goran has been with the band since its inception in 1998. The band has been putting out music sporadically since then. They did a split E.P. with Skua on the Spanish label Alone Records, had their first full-length album “Command of the New Rock” re-released through the Belgian label Buzzville Records in January 2005, and released their second album “Electricism” in 2008. Generous Maria is set to release their new album “III” on Transubstans Records March 6, 2013.

This album for Generous Maria is big change stylistically compared to their previous releases. “Electricism” was a straightforward rock record. The bands’ musical time zones on this album are all over the place. Generous Maria describes themselves as “Aerosmith playing with Soundgarden, or similar to other artists like, Mustasch, Alter Bridge, Wolfmother and Mother Misery.” Is that confusing enough for ya??? I do hear some Wolfmother in this album, but Generous Maria’s sound to me is less stonerish and more towards classic bands like T. Rex and Sweet. Even the mix on the album sounds something from the late 60s or early 70s; light on the bass and low end with many of the background/auxiliary instruments getting more presence. The opening track ‘Something Weird’ is a great example of this. I hear some 80s glam influences in this album as well. The second track, ‘Got It All’ sounds like something off a London Quireboys album. The 60s influences really come out on the song ‘Wicked Little Girl’ (insert acid trip reference here).

Overall, “III” is an interesting trip through what I am guessing is just a few of Generous Maria’s musical influences. Comparing their style on this album to newer bands is misleading. They definitely went on a musical throwback journey this time around and shouldn’t try to hide it.

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