Gates Of Hell - Critical ObsessionThere is a lot to be said about bands and artists that seek to push the envelope of music and stand on the cutting edge; but sometimes as much as we need such acts, sometimes we just need the familiarity of the old and tested, much like a comfort blanket. Porto based Gates Of Hell are one such band that the thought of experimentation probably never crossed their mind, but they do what they do decently enough.

“Critical Obsession” is very much a typical melodic death metal album but from the more groove orientated end of the spectrum; influences from the likes of At The Gates and Entombed are of course proudly present; and without deviation from the norm. Yes there are far too many acts of a such nature and Gates Of Hell on this showing don’t exactly stand out too much, but “Critical Obsession” does show some real muscle. Powerful vocals (sometimes a lacking feature in this genre) and some great melodious guitar leads point towards some real potential.

Far from being a mould breaking act, and it is pretty obvious that such a thought wasn’t even on the band’s agenda; but Gates Of Hell prove to be one such act that actually have a little force behind them. Not the finished article by any means but on “Critical Obsession” shows the makings of a promising melodic death metal act in a genre that remains all too saturated and clogged. Definitely worth a punt.

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