American Fangs hit the UK for the first time this week supporting Papa Roach on their 8 date tour. The high energy Texan 5 piece are over here to introduce a whole new audience to their mix of feel good catchy rock and excitable punk attitude. I had a little chat with lead singer Gabe Cavazos just before they played their Birmingham show.

This is your first ever time here in the UK, how did touring here with Papa Roach come about?

Well, we met our booking agent during SXSW; we were there for a week and went to all these various shows. I think she was hanging with Jacoby during Download Fest and she played him our music and he liked it and said if we could come over here then he’d let us open the tour and I believe that’s how that happened. We’re so blessed to say the least.

Two dates into the tour how do you think you’ve been received so far?

Tonight will be the third show and personally, from being right up front, I think everyone has been digging it. I mean with being the opener, being unfamiliar, we have a few songs that we released here earlier this year. I don’t expect people to just lose their shit and you know start throwing each other around, but I see smiles, I see dancing, I see the attention, I see their eyes and I’m looking and them and I feel like they get it.

With this being personally your first ever trip across the pond how are you finding it?

Everyone is extremely polite and receptive, towards our music too, but just even as an individual walking around chatting up with people it’s just great.

How did American Fangs come to be the band you are today? How did you guys all meet?

Actually, we met through mutual bands, we all kind of had our own little bands and we would play in the same scene. As we got older I think we just organically gravitated towards each other, we’d always see each other and say “Hey, one day we are going to write some music together” and that’s how it’s ended up.

We’ve been together now four years; well two years professionally, the first two years weren’t very professional at all! We were just dickheads, we would just get ugly and loud and trash everything and then repeat it the next show. Now we’ve got a little bit more urmm a little bit more etiquette!

From your recent EP “Pomona” you get a real sense that American Fangs live is going to be quite a crazy experience. I can’t imagine that you guys contain all of that energy in a live show.

Yeah, we are all hyperactive as it is, just as individuals and channelling it into our music and then being on stage. Like right now I’m almost shaking because I’m so excited to be here and to be playing, like I can’t even sleep to be honest so, it’s wonderful.

We’ve only released a few songs here, so you guys have only really had a taste of who we are but were bringing a ton more songs so everything is extended. It’s very aerobic, we don’t really stop until the last note is played and done, and that’s how we are. They tried to tame us over in the states, like you need to settle down you know. I feel like were on our own out here and it’s really really nice!

This tour will be some people’s first impression of American Fangs, how would you describe your sound to someone who’s not yet heard you?

I would describe us as a little bit of the old and a lot of the new, I mean were neo-traditional, you know, like there’s so many aspects of rock and roll that we pay homage to within our songs, but we also enjoy contrasts, so having that contrast, having some rapping or a certain punk rock beat. I mean that’s not unheard of but we dance with it a little differently, a way in that’s unique to our own music.

You’ve had quite a few tours in the states already; who have you enjoyed playing with?

We’ve spent a good amount of time touring with bands we grew up listening to and bands that we love from Deftones, Chevelle, Saul Williams, Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys, Hollywood Undead even Taproot, I mean these are bands that we just love so its really cool to have shared a stage with those guys and really be a student to what they do.

So I’m guessing you must have some cool tour stories?

Riding around Florida with one of the guys from Falling in Reverse on mopeds and shit, it’s kind of like a second childhood.

In an ideal world what would you like to happen next for American Fangs?

We would love to keep pushing our album; in the states it didn’t really see a lot of airplay. That and between being on stage we would just really love to be in the UK for an indefinite amount of time. It’s awesome and there’s such a desire for rock and roll, it’s the same back home but everything’s just very spread out. There’s just something really magical about being here, even three days in I feel it.

You can catch American Fangs on their UK dates supporting Papa Roach until December 12th. Fingers crossed they will be back in the UK soon! EP “Pomona” is out now on In De Goot Recordings.

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