Fueled By Fire - Trapped In Perdition [Review]Havok, Evile, Municipal Waste, Bonded By Blood – there’s no shortage of thrash bands around paying homage to their 80’s roots and echoing the classic Bay Area sound whilst forging ahead with a fresh feel to the fury. So, is there much scope for another? Well Fueled By Fire would like to think so and “Trapped In Perdition” is a rather bold statement of intent.

Opener ‘Catastrophe’ is pure Exodus meets early Slayer and nails that old school thrash attack with aplomb. The barrage continues with the Sepultura flavoured ‘Suffering Entities’, causing my head to bob and a wide grin to form. A tight snappy production but with more crunch and mid-range thump than the tinny thrashers of yore gives this release a real live feel.

‘Forsaken Deity’ is frenetic and beautifully riveted together whilst ‘Defaced Mortality’ possesses a lovely whiff of Sacred Reich. The riffgasm that is ‘Rotten Creation’ displays some wondrous Skolnicky soloing (yes, that’s an adjective now) and ‘Pharmaceutical Extermination’ has a lovely Hannemanic riff. Yes. That’s also a word.

‘Occasional’ nods to M.O.D., Suicidal Tendencies, Pestilence and even D.R.I. along the way make this a pleasing smorgasbord of speed metal with something for everyone.

Like many albums in the CD age, I wish this were 8/9 songs long rather than 10 or 11. A couple of tracks don’t pack the same punch as the rest with ‘Obliteration’ being an example of what would have been B-Side material back in the days of their heroes.

But that aside, “Trapped In Perdition” is a finely honed masterpiece of modern speed metal and one worthy of your hard earned cash.

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