More of a glorified covers band than anything else – the band known as Fuckface Unstoppable (fronted by the one and only Bam Margera of Jackass fame), blew a hole right through the roof of the O2 Academy in Liverpool tonight, delivering an incredible live show that includes sexy ass dancer girls, a stage-diving naked Novak, and a metric fucktonne of pure rock n’ roll anthems. Team TINAS was in for one hell of a night.

Unfortunately, we missed the support bands due to our interview with Bam and an invitation to hang backstage – so when we finally arrived in front of the barrier to shoot the show, we were greeted by a semi-naked Novak, drunkenly flailing around the stage singing Phil “Pill” Collins, ‘In the Air Tonight’ whilst swinging a bottle of red wine around his head. Then, all of a sudden, the earth rumbling riff of the Clutch classic ‘Earth Rocker’ kicked in, and thus, the Fuckface Unstoppable experience began with full unfiltered force! With Mr Margera sporting a “hobo come rap star” look and Novak in nothing but a tight fitting mankini, Fuckface Unstoppable take to the stage like a runaway freight train, delivering a barrage of killer songs including the covers ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ by Turbonegro and ‘The Ballad Of Chasey lane’ by The Bloodhound Gang, that instantaneously ignites the Liverpool O2 Academy into a rowdy drunken sing along.

“Little dick, little dick please let me cheat. I can’t get hard thanks to purgaset Pete. Little dick, little dick please let me chat. This chick has a dick and it looks pretty neat” – These are the lyrics everyone is screaming along to tonight, as the band kick into their new song entitled, you guessed it… ‘Little Dick’. Followed by another Clutch cover, namely ‘Big News’, the Fuckface Unstoppable experience only gets better and better, as Bam Margera’s rockstar ego is fuelled by the highly pumped energy of the crowd. He is a man “playing rockstar” so to speak, but he pulls it off superbly, controlling the crowd tonight like puppets on a string as he climbs over the barrier, scales the PA system and throws himself round the stage like a toddler on red bull. His stage presence is a site to behold, and even though he is a “newbie” to the whole rockstar thing, many a frontman could learn a thing or two from him.

Although tonight we are not treated to the Fuckface Unstoppable hit ‘Moonshine’, an epic rendition of ‘Till the Wheels Fall Off’ and the dubstep esque ‘I Wanna Bend My Dick to My Ass… So I Can Fuck Myself’ more than make up for it, showing through these incredible songs that Bam and Co. are truly a talented set of musicians. Many have speculated that Fuckface Unstoppable is a bit of a joke band, simply a group of mates who simply like playing rock music and dicking about on stage. Well the truth of the matter is; that is simply what Fuckface Unstoppable is all about! It’s a live experience in which you get to listen to some of your favourite hard rock anthems, touch a naked Novak as he crowd surfs over you and parrrttttaaayyyy like there is no tomorrow! If Fuckface Unstoppable roll into a town near you, make sure you are down at that show. If not, you will live to regret it!

It seems a shame that Fuckface Unstoppable end their set so abruptly after their song ‘Beer and Ice’, not announcing that it will be their last song and simply walking off stage 30 minutes before the venues decided curfew time – but who cares after the carnage that has just unfolded at the O2 Academy. For those present at tonight’s show, Fuckface Unstoppable live in Liverpool will no doubt be a gig never to be forgotten, and for those who only came tonight to see the Jackass star do stupid shit on stage, hopefully they left now knowing that our bearded anti-hero, can do a lot more than get a giant dick branded to his ass! Fuckface Unstoppable… Shit name, incredible band. GET YO ASSES BACK TO THE UK SOON!

Fuckface Unstoppable – Facebook Page

Photos by Richard James Photography