Tunnel of No Light” is the latest album from the gloom merchants October Tide. A truly great piece of music to experience, so much so I was able to get Fredrik Norrman to answer a few questions about the release.

 Where were the seeds born for Tunnel of No Light and how did you nurture them to the final product?

After “a thin shell” we focused on doing gigs and just enjoying ourselves. When we decided to begin the work of the new album we worked quite hard. It took a little bit over a year from the first riff to the last song was written. The first riff I made was actually the riff that opens the album. The plan was to make a really dark, the darkest  OT album so far. I think we did quite well

Is there are artwork by Johannes Nordqvist Högbom that will be included with the release?

Yes it´s Johannes Högbom who made all the art for the album, a really talented guy who knows how to make really creepy stuff. It´s Alex, our singers brother so it all went really smooth.

Did you set out to make this release as a single statement rather than a collection of songs?I personally don’t see this as a “concept” album but rather as a single experience?

It´s as you say not a concept album. “Just” a bunch of songs. We tried to make really diverse album but with a red line to keep it together

How did the ending of ‘Adoring Ashes’ come to pass, planned or was it a spontaneous thing of greatness.

I guess it was mostly spontaneous. When I made the opening riff I felt this was going to be the song that ends the album and the ending of the song had to be different in one way or another. But the music came spontaneous as most of the stuff I do

How do you think this release will translate to a live event?

Quite well I think since all the songs exept one are made to play live. That one is “Caught in silence”. I guess we could play it but there are 3 guitars in the verse playing different harmonies so it would sound I bit empty I guess. Of course it sounds great with twin leads on recordings but in a live situation one lead will be missing

Anything special planned for live events to enhance the experience?

No not really, in that sense we´re like most bands out there. Just up and play the songs as good as possible

Line up changes are always a challenge, do you think its impacted things or was it just a natural progression of life?

It´s not much you can do when someone wants to quit and of course it has impacts. But I´m really happy with the new line up, it couldn´t have been better. Alex‘s voice suits the songs perfect and Mattias did a great work with the bass

Any thoughts on the state of Doom Metal as we have seen a surge of this genre these last couple of years worldwide?

I must admit I don´t know much about the subject since I don´t listen to much doom bands. I listen mostley to other music or old death/thrash bands. I don´t consider October Tide as a pure doom band, I would rather label us as a gloom/death metal band

Any tour plans coming up, I noticed a few shows scheduled on your website? Any chance of making it to the United States this year?

We´re planning something but nothing is final yet, but hopefully, sooner or later we´ll be able to present a tour. So for now we only have a few gigs to look forward to

What are the top 5 albums you are listening to now.

Ghost – “Infestisumam”

Terra Tenebrosa – “The purging”

Kreator – “Coma of souls”

Coroner – “R.I.P”

Slayer – “South of heaven”

Thanks for taking time with us, and congratulations on a top flight release!

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