We’ve been going through the Bloodstock Open Air 2013 line up with a fine tooth comb in order to try and really dissect the complete awesomeness that is this year’s line up. It will tear strips of previous years’ gatherings. There are of course the obvious triple pronged heavyweight headliners: King Diamond, Lamb Of God and finishing with Slayer, especially with the latter following the tragic loss of Jeff Hanneman, it is going to be something that will remain for ever with everyone standing in that field on Sunday 11th August. Anthrax, Gojira, Accept riding high in the support stakes, seriously guys, this is beyond immense. But, Bloodstock isn’t just about the big guns, it’s about the future, sometimes the past and ultimately, bringing metal to the masses. That’s why, these five reasons are not obvious headliners, these five reasons are five bands that epitomize everything that Bloodstock stands for, these are five diverse acts that deserve your your ears, your energy and your attention.


Why these five Yorkshire nutters are not huge is beyond us. They are intense, brutal, unrelenting and best of all they are superb. Their live shows are high impact aural tornadoes that could decimate the best of us. Humour, charisma, personality and ability, they have everything that is required in spades. People of Bloodstock, give them everything… they will ruin you!


Where RSJ should be the future, Xentrix is the past coming back to destroy us. These Lancastrians were one of the leading lights of British Thrash, and a band that we will always hold dear at TINAS Towers. ‘Shattered Existence’ and ‘For Whose Advantage’ should be staple’s of any respecting thrashers album collection… but Hell, so long as they do ‘Ghostbusters’ we’ll be happy.


Guilty pleasures? Maybe, but at least one of team TINAS has a huge thing for European “Power Metal”. So step up six guys from Sweden going under the Bloodbound moniker. Hugely cheesy at times, but bloody entertaining. Quality riffage, wailing solos and soaring vocals… “Raise your fist and shout… In the name of Metal!”


Oaf are so wrong on so many levels that they are right. Two blokes, one with a bass guitar and the other a suit and drum kit. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and whats more, we’re constantly highly entertained by these two reprobates. Lord knows how they managed to get even this far, but with such classics as “Fuck Of Seagull” and “Joey Deacon Blue” they’re not going to stop… We shall be there, nodding approvingly.


We love Wolfsbane that’s a fact. They are still flying the flag for the NWOBHM all these years later. We had “Howling Mad Shitheads” way before the nation of “Maggots” were even born. The Tamworth Terrors have been at it for 30 years, so they have been around the block a fair bit. They may still have the same aftershave, and much less hair than back then, but by god they can still deliver. Closing the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday will be such a proud moment for these guys, a proud moment that we want to share in.

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