Finntroll - Blodsvept

Century Media is unveils Fintroll‘s newest offering. “Blodsvept” is a rollicking romp through the landscape of music. It’s hard to put it into just one category as each song combines so many dazzling elements. “Blodsvept” is a fun album to listen to. If you have not been listening to Finntroll these past 16 years, then shame on you! You must, at once, go out and buy “Blodsvept” as this will be the most amazing thing you ever buy!

‘Ett Folk Forbannat’ is a lively tune that is part over the top operatic, part punk rock, heavy metal. The keyboards are the most prominent part of the song, but it’s the jaunty main bundle of notes that is repeated in both the keyboards and guitar that make the song awesome. The drumming is wicked fun; can you say fun too many times when discussing Finntroll? The variation on the theme is very Munster-esque. I can totally see Herman Munster and Grandpa using ‘Ett Folk Forbannat’ as a soundtrack to one of their escapades. ‘Ett Folk Forbannat’ is part headbanging and part doing the Pony or the Swim. The dancing nature of this song is infectious.

OMG ‘Mordminnen’ is a big band type Cab Calloway Volbeat 1960s freak out fest. Zowie! The adjectives just keep coming. Wicked. Sultry. Sexy. Groovy. Sizzling. Amazing. Fosse. Stylin’. Swingin’.

Can I just interject that I frakking love this band!?!

‘Rosets Kung’ degenerates into a Tom Waits love fest that is surreal. While ‘Skogsdotter”s open sounds like a spaghetti western just before it degenerates to a very fast ‘Ace of Spades’ type polka song? It’s one of those songs you just have to hear to believe and even when you hear it, you won’t believe it. That’s the beauty of the music of Finntroll – it’s so unbelievable! It’s just that damn unique and amazing.

‘Haxbrygd’ has a mystical middle eastern feel that weaves through the song. It’s still heavy as metal, but the nuances and shades give ‘Haxbrygd’ so much more.  ‘Tva Ormar’ reeks of Fosse and Sweet Charity. I frugged through the entire song, when I wasn’t doing a polka. Finntroll have a true and rare gift where they can combine such opposite types of music and make it work beautifully.

“Blodsvept”‘s eleven songs clock in at just a tad over forty-three minutes. It hardly seems like enough time, but at the same time it’s way too much to digest in one listen. Finntroll’s “Blodsvept” is totally worth putting on repeat and immersing yourself in its musical wonder.

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