Fantasist - FantasistBack in 2011, Fantasist released their astounding debut album “Giggle Juice”, containing some of the catchiest, grooviest, most downright bluesy tracks to come from a UK based rock band. 2 years later, the three suited stooges, the three musketeers, the bearded trio are back with an album that rivals the mighty “Giggle Juice”, an album that is one of THE BEST records to be released via Rocksector Records. Made up of several tracks that have been in the works for years now, Fantasist’s new self-titled album pushes the boat further out than that of “Giggle Juice”, exploring new sounds, delivering incredible songs and looking devilishly suave and sophisticated while doing it.

For those who have ever seen Fantasist live before, tracks such as the slick ‘Drugstore Cowboy’, anthemic ‘Grim Fandango’ and slow and surreal ‘Bloodmoon’ are now yours to listen to anywhere, anytime. The one thing that can be said about every song that Fantasist writes is that they are written with the intention of being played live. The songs are catchy, memorable and shock full of musical talent and raw emotion… There isn’t one dull or generic song on this album. It twists and turns at every corner, presenting the listener with something fresh, new and exciting in every song.

The thing that makes Fantasist’s songs so unique and extraordinary is the impressive 3 way harmonies that spring forth in several of the songs. Seb, Rob and Ol’s combined vocal ability is truly a sound to behold and the moment the choruses of tracks such as: ‘Unity’, ‘Red’ and ‘Fear The Worst’ kick in you will have goose bumps running down your spine. They say that the main thing you listen to when playing a song is the vocals; well in Fantasist’s case you have plenty of lyrical delight to sink your teeth into… It’s all about the power of 3 nowadays.

Compared to “Giggle Juice”, the producing and mixing of this new album seems very stripped back and raw. Although only a slight flaw, the echo from the snare drum in tracks such as ‘Thump’ (which contains some of the craziest bass licks ever) does get rather irritating when looming down your ear hole. Nothing major, but if the production of a few of the tracks had been that bit tighter, then this would have been a flawless album!

Fantasist are one of the hottest underground rock bands in the UK at the moment, and with the release of their incredible self-titled second album they are only going to get bigger and bigger. If this is what the 3 loveable rogues can pull out after just two releases, god knows what they are capable of four or five albums down the line.

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