Faltered - Fortune Favours [Review]Comprised of brothers Conor (Drums, Percussion and Lead Vocals) and Daniel Cahalane (Guitars and Vocals) from Wales, Faltered present a refreshingly inventive take on the post hardcore sound. Having previously released debut EP “Victorian Post Mortem Photography” in 2012, ”Fortune Favours” is the bands first mini album due for release 2nd September 2013.

The seven track album starts with the instrumental ‘Leave It Out’, instantly demanding your concentration with clean guitar tones followed by heavier riffs and drums. With rhythms stopping and starting this is classic math rock, holding your attention yet leaving you not quite sure where you are being lead.

‘Fortune Favours The Needy’ straight away alludes to early Nirvana with a gruff aggressive sound then giving way to melodic tuneful vocals before hitting you in the face again with the chorus. After a few listens the stark contrasts in the song begin to make sense and their complimentary aspect becomes clear, however as the song finishes I find myself hoping to hear just one completely heavy track.

Biffy Clyro comparisons are clear in the catchy ‘Worth The Wait’ further displaying Conor’s vocal range.

As I get further into the album it is apparent that Faltered have taken the time to experiment with how to effectively communicate their sound. This duo’s strength appears to be in their use of speed and power for emotive control throughout their tracks. ‘Pulled Over’ is a much slower song but is interspersed with big bursts of energy, the screams at the end yet again make me wonder just how one entirely heavy Faltered track would come across as I cant quite shake the enormity of the sound this band are capable of when they do let loose.

“Fortune Favours” is a well rounded mini album that has definitely grown on me over the last couple of days, finding myself humming ‘Worth The Wait’ out of the blue. Whilst the two piece’s musical influences are clear, the album they have created is a sound all of their own that certainly deserves a listen.

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