Eyes Set To Kill - Masks“Masks” the fifth full length album from melodic metal core four piece Eyes Set To Kill is the album where they appear to have cemented their sound. Their first album for Century Media Records, singer and guitarist Alexia Rodriguez describes how the band found themselves whilst looking for a new label for the album.

“I felt like we were wearing a bunch of masks to impress people during those meetings. At one point, I had a bit of a revelation. We had gone through so many changes over the years. It wasn’t about anybody else though. It was about us. We really found the band’s face at that point. We weren’t wearing masks anymore.”

The resulting “Masks” is a confident album, however in finding themselves Eyes Set To Kill have taken quite a step away from their previous hardcore sound and a giant leap towards mainstream metal. This may not impress their entire existing fan base but it will no doubt bring them to the attention of a wider audience.

Opening with the intro ‘Masks’, Alexia’s voice layered with Cisko Miranda’s screams the pounding drums and heavy riffs outline the direction the album is to take. The clear standout across the album is Alexia’s vocals; ‘Where I Want To Be’ could easily be compared to the standard of Halestorm’s Lzzy. Where as on ‘ Lost And Forgotten’ and ‘True Colours’ Cisko’s screams compliment well, there are points where it doesn’t feel quite in the right place and so takes away from the overall impression a slightly.

Single, ‘Infected,’ is a catchy but almost poppy track with harmonies that feels a little chart girl band, even so it retains a nu-metal feel but doesn’t have the power of many of the other songs on the album. It’s easy to see why it would appeal as a single but I just don’t think it is representative of the rest of the record.

For fans of metal acts with amazing female vocals “Masks” is a must, with Alexia’s range being up there with the fore mentioned Lzzy Hale. Melodic vocals combined with the heaviness of the metal direction they have now embraced surely means that Eyes Set To Kill will be getting noticed with this album.

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