Ephemeros - All Hail CorrosionWe venture again to the pacific northwest of the US to uncover a band out of Portland calling themselves, Ephemeros. They present us with a dark, dreary, and heavy as hell slab of funeral doom metal, in short it is glorious. Falling alongside colleagues such as Mournful Congregation and Light Bearer these lads deliver the low end long and loud, the appeal for all lovers of this genre.

This is not for the faint at heart and the weak of mind. Ephemeros has a way of transporting you to a dark landscape meant for meditation of life’s origin and the blackness of nothing. Funeral doom is always an interesting style of metal. It’s slow, repetitive, and can go on and on and on. There is no one minute grind song or four minute radio friendly hit with obligatory guitar solo, the is a slow trudge through a winter landscape covered in molasses. It is the things that some dislike that make this such an appealing genre, its very repetition gives rise to a near hypnotic feel which can move a listener into a transcendental mind flow, thinking everything and thinking nothing sometimes singularly sometimes collectively.

These lads clock in with three mind bending tracks the shortest registers over ten minutes of bliss. Leading off “All Hail Corrosion” is the title track to the release. Repetition picking set the dark mood with low end growling vocals and a beat reminiscent of a storm giants slow steps on a valley. We hear speed picking up and dropping off, we get some chant like vocals mid way through. It is a wonderful capturing of how one’s mood can ebb and flow through a day. This is one of the glorious aspects of the genre how one track can capture such a large field of emotion and experiences. Things are not cut short they are allowed to find their own end much as a story will write itself.

The album continues with two more experiences ‘Stillborn Workhorse’ and ‘Soilbringer’ giving us more mountains to scale and valleys to rest upon. Taken together or singly these three tracks capture us and move us to a ponderous state sometimes to replay our mistakes in life and wonder what could have been. Many try to capture this with lyrics, Ephemeros does it with instruments and vocals. This alone sets them apart from many who have tried this style and demand they be heard.

As I said, this is not for the faint of heart and may not have broad metal appeal but if you are a fan of funeral doom or like to be moved into a higher state of mindfulness give this one a go. From the first slow note to the last pause you will not be disappointed. Expect no flowery pop metal but rather a delivery of a mountain of sound slowly dropped on your head, crushing to say the least. I look forward to more from these Pacific Northwesterners, and I hope its sooner rather than later.

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